Cake Sandwiches!

January 6, 2016


Thanks for stopping by! I'm so excited because I have some new videos up on the newly-title Cake Sandwiches channel on Youtube! Click on the pic below for the newest video, and please leave me some feedback over on Youtube to let me know what you're most interested in for future videos! In addition to cake decorating, there'll be some recipes, tool reviews, and even 'haul' videos and unboxing when new supplies arrive at my studio!


Pretty soon, I'll also add a little background info video so we can get to know each other better. I'm so looking forward to watching the channel grow in the coming months, and really looking forward to lots of new sugar friends!


The latest entry is a tutorial on how to get a cool crackled effect on Isomalt. I share some ideas on there for ways you could use it to take the details of your special cakes and sugar art pieces to the next level! But the way I came upon the idea was less than next-level, to be honest... 


I was working feverishly on an isomalt project that I'd never seen tried before, and just knew I could make it happen if I tried hard enough and was patient enough and didn't mind using a ton of materials in trial-and-error mode. The theme of the piece was New Year's Eve, and I was still working on it ON New Year's Eve.


Nothing was working the way it was supposed to, and at one point I tried to attach two pieces to each other with additional isomalt, and I used the secret ingredient to help make it happen. What resulted was yet another fail of the piece I was attempting (blerg!), but the effect I did get by mistake was so cool that I had to share it with everyone! 


Please check out the video, and maybe a few others while you're there. I'll be adding new content weekly so check back often! Please remember to subscribe if you want to!


Have a great day!




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Cake Sandwiches!

January 6, 2016

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January 6, 2016

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